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€ 1.200.000
750 m2
Outbuild 1:
120 m²
Conservation status:
6000 m2
Coast band
Parzialmente arredato

Aeroporto Km:
Mare km:
Meno di 10
Centro abitato Km:

Property Description

VILLA MARGHERITA. The senses are already satisfied along the driveway to the villa, the entrance from the main road, with the large brick columns, and the two rows of olive trees on the sides of the white road that goes up the hill say a lot about how much there is to expect from this extraordinary and unique property that enjoys an exceptional position. Even before the villa is revealed to you, the large park of 6000 sqm anticipates its majesty and beauty. Huge and ancient olive trees, oaks and holm oaks, a two-hundred-year-old majestic and rare sophora tree (native to Japan) as well as a beautiful rose garden, are a bulwark to the villa and protect it from prying eyes offering shade and shelter in the hottest or coldest days. In and of itself the garden would be worth a visit. But the property offers much, much more. Just have a look at the east side can you see there, between the hills, the sea, with its deepest blue competes with the clear sky for those who are the brightest. You can easily see it from many parts of the house and the garden, even if you are sitting comfortably in the large living room or in the garden drinking a good local wine or reading a book. It comes out in the branches of the trees, opens a gash between one hill and another, between a field of wheat and one of sunflowers and follows you wherever you go from this side of the garden. However, if you really want to go to the beach it takes less than 10min drive to lie down on the sand of Porto Recanati and a few more to dive into the sea of the Conero beaches in Numana or Sirolo. But, as if this were not enough, to satisfy the most demanding, just look west, to see the hills as far as the eye and the Sibillini mountains, as well as the beautiful view of the ancient city of Recanati, because this is the homeland of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi. In addition to the 6000 sqm of the garden there are also 27,000 sqm of agricultural land. At this point even if you are overwhelmed by the landscape and the garden, you will have to find the strength to see the beautiful villa.
Dating back to the end of the 19th century, the property belonged to one of the noblest families and landowners of the area and was a gift from a rich father as a dowry for the daughter who used it as a summer residence as the house is located in a privileged position and has a wonderful view. Fascinating story of other times that remains hidden and still lives between the large walls of the main house that despite being renovated and enlarged in the 70s, has retained all the original charm. The square footage is important, it is 750sqm for the villa and 120sqm for outdoor accessories, but the house never gives the impression of being cold and dispersive, on the contrary, it gives off a warmth and an atmosphere that are rarely found in other properties and I believe that this is due to the fact that Villa Margherita has a soul, a character, a vitality that kidnap you as soon as you enter. The ground floor (330sqm) is so bright that you almost have to squint, the living rooms follow each other, the dining room, the entrance, the large wooden staircase and the closed porch with windows looking towards the sea with the roof in wood and the large truss that dominates it ... ..the effect in perspective is incredible. Really, you do not know where to look. The terracotta floor, the old doors, the original and intact wallpaper .... And if you then go upstairs, another living room with two windows overlooking the balcony, spacious and bright bedrooms, elegant and refined bathrooms and what to say of the balcony overlooking the entrance towards the large sophora tree, the parquet with small strips, the decorations ... but not enough, we go up again into the attic where another apartment has been created that could also be totally independent as it has access from an external staircase. Then there is the laundry and the cellars in the basement (90sqm), the garage and the large outdoor oven (120sqm) ... I can add that both the first floor and the attic measure 165sqm, there are a total of 7 bedrooms and the bathrooms are 6 and so on with other numbers.
However, despite this long description I have yet to add that there is the possibility of buying a second property near the villa. It is a dependence with stunning view and excellent high standard decorative order, stretched over 325sqm on two floors it was built in the 80s and it has large living rooms, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and above all other agricultural land for 35.000sqm.
The sale of the whole property is negotiable.
As there is a lot to add about this property pls don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about it.


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