Tailor made restoration

Now that you found the perfect corner here in Le Marche and the perfect house to satisfy all your projects, don’t ruin this lovely moment with the pressure of looking for a professional who can follow your project, or a reliable building company to make all requested works in the house, why getting crazy trying to understand the Italian bureaucracy with the extra trouble of the language incomprehension?

Actually, to be honest, the thing that most scare any person approaching to a renovation project in a foreign country is the fear not to have costs and timing under control and not to understand the language when we speak we the engineer or the builder. . Too many times we heard of projects started with a certain budget but then ended to a raised amount where everything was almost out of any control as you were not there to check and see.

With Marche Casa you can relax, thanks to our long experience on renovation for foreigners we can offer you a tailor made service so you can always keep under control costs and delivery timing of the building yard. The new project won’t be a nightmare anymore but an enthusiastic voyager that will lead you to live the house you wanted, keeping budget always under control. Further Letizia speaks fluent English so you will always have a person to talk to and who is able to translate to any other person what you want. So no more incomprehension with the various people in the yard.

Tailor made restoration

Our agency can offer you a 360° service.


we can give you the full package: you can have our engineer at your disposal for the project, the structural calculation, we can fill in all necessary documents for the Hall, we can provide works quotation, building companies for the renovation works and everything else you may need (yard assistance, interior design, garden design, swimming pool project and construction….). For those who live far away we can send all pictures, video and documentation to show the client works are all made as requested and all this in English.

But we can also offer only parts of the process between the house search and the final house delivery.



  • Renovation advices and technical consultancy (also on properties bought out of our agency)
  • General renovation works quotation, called “computo metrico” (free for properties bought with Marche Casa or if we are going to do the works, otherwise to be paid to professional)
  • Renovation works quotation (computo metric) based on a precise and definitive project (free if we make the project or the renovation works otherwise to be paid to professional)
  • Architectural project (to be paid to the professional)
  • Structural calculation (to be paid to the professional)
  • Building yard assistance, also for other building companies (to be paid to professional)
  • Building yard security and all pertinent bureaucracy, also for other building companies (to be paid to professional)

Trust our experience, we can provide contacts of our clients that will tell you directly their experience with us. Have a look at our page BEFORE AND AFTER just to have an idea of how we work.

Letizia, Marco and all the Marche Casa staff are always available to clarify your doubts and reply to all your questions so that you can follow your project without pressure.