Letizia Pacetti

Letizia Pacetti


Cell phone:
+39 347 1054476

A little about me

Letizia is our real estate advisor (she is a real estate agent), and with her experience she will be able to give you all the information and all suggestions to help you in the choice of the best house for your needs or to sell your property in the Marche. With her you will view the properties and you will have all the information about the house, the negotiation, the buying and the contracts, as well as any other information you may need on the property or on the territory. Letizia speaks fluent English and Spanish and is an excellent translator having lived abroad for a long time, being a graduate she can also do legal translations of documents and contracts relating to the purchase and sale. Beyond her professional, we want to underline her natural ability of empathy with people, her communicativeness, and her solar attitude, she is always aware of listening to client necessities. Dowries that are not learned during a course. Her great sensibility brings her to know and to understand people so then, thanks to her competence and professionalism, it is easier for her to find the property which is closer to your project. With Letizia the final deed will be a pleasure moment. Then the team is completed with various technical studies of the area that collaborate with us, we have also our artisans and our usual suppliers that we entrust, we know their competencies and we know them as well for being very good person, but being free professionals we depend only on the necessities of our clients that we always try to satisfy to full.

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