Eng. Marco Pelagagge

Marco Pelagagge


Cell phone:
+39 3924406277

A little about me

Marco is for the whole The Engineer, the technician of the group. Excellent professional, graduated as structural civil engineer, he has years of experience in the area of the construction and in renovation. He is an extremely competent person with strong techniques dowries but at the same time he is an innovative professional, looking for modern and evolved engineering solutions. Lover of modern constructions and green-building he doesn't have however, ever abandoned the past and in the years, he has known how to find the correct equilibrium among tradition, recovery and innovation. The constructive challenges are for him stimulating, the more a project is complex the more it thrills him, in Marco you can find an open professional that will devote him with passion to your project. With Marco you will talk about your house project and the restoration works needed, he will follow the project from drawings to building passing thought the complex Italian bureaucracy. And if you want to sell your house he will make for you a correct valuation report in order to compare it with the market situation so to give your property the right value. Then the team is completed with various technical studies of the area that collaborate with us, we have also our artisans and our usual suppliers that we entrust, we know their competences and we know them as well for being very good person, but being free professionals we depend only on the necessities of our clients that we always try to satisfy to full.

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